Saturday, February 11, 2017

28 Days of Songs :: Day 2 : should never be elevator music --- Day 11 : by the Beatles that you like

I missed a few days with the 28 days of music posts. Below are all the previous days to current!  

Day 2 -should never be elevator music
This is from one of my top 5 soundtracks ever.  I've listened to this while on the elevator, in various parts of the song, and while I enjoy the tune, I know others will feel exactly what it sounds like.  Most likely, rethinking their destination of where the elevator is actually going...

Day 3- from a great old movie
1989 James Bond.  Gladys Knight's song.. WHEW.

Day 4- you heard again for the first time in years
I haven't heard this song in a longggg time and when it randomly popped up on a playlist... Oh Joy!  Followed by a repeat later that night with a libation 

Day 5- that your sibling listened to
This is his jam. lol

Day 6- from a singer who is controversial
Say what you want, these joints crank.  On topic though, Marilyn was definitely, if not probably, the top controversial artist when I was growing up. 

Day 7- tells a story
I know many of songs that tell a great story, but this one wouldn't leave my mind.

Day 8- is great for gaming to
Ok Ok.. the VERY first game I thought of when reading this was Sonic.  It doesn't matter which one..  shit all of them. lol.  NERD was always great for a groove completing a board.  And even if you failed while this one was playing, you weren't too bummed about having to play it again.
Sidebar- Oh Sh!t.. I JUST noticed Shay is playing a game on the cover.  Sikkkked.

Day 9- makes you get up and dance
Janet's joint put me in a chipper mood of dancing a groove.    Snap! joint makes me go HAM.  We talking sweats and breaking out all the moves.

Day 10- you play great air guitar to
I had to think for this one considering I do more 'air drums' to anything with songs that feature the guitar.  They kind of go hand in hand.  All the songs I thought of with a great guitar rift is backed by some sick drummage, then my memories of air guitar to THIS came to mind!  Killer

Day 11- by the Beatles that you like
Here's one.  Quiet as kept, the Beatles had some serious soul type jammers.  I thought of a few, but decided I'll go with this one via the feels.

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