Monday, December 20, 2021

Solange's Saint Heron launches a digital library of Rare books by Black Authors

Solange. ForUsByUs.
her Saint Heron website has since relaunched into a library of rare books by black authors.  Through the website's portal, anyone in the U.S. can borrow a selection of 50 books curated by Rosa Duffy, who is the founder of Atlanta's For Keeps Books bookstore.  Genres available range from art to history to novels to poem collections and so forth.   

“If you’re not invited into these [archives] or you don’t feel invited into these spaces—which Black folks are often not—you can feel like this stuff doesn’t belong to you, like you’re not allowed to put your hands on it, and it’s behind closed doors,”- Duffy.

We hope that by encountering these works, our community is inspired to further explore and study the breadth of artistic expression and the impact of Blackness in creative innovation throughout history...” 

Just a sample of what to look for.  Loaners are able to check out one title each, with the loan lasting up to 45 days.  For detailed instructions on how the library works, see after the jump!

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