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Our Thoughts:: Top Albums of 2021

It's years' like this that makes the tradition more enjoyable.  A LOT of good music came out in 2021.  Probably one of the more difficult ones to rank.  The fam and I compiled our lists again of our top albums that dropped this year.  Side note: I just want to give a shout that they are the real MVPs for sending in the artwork with their list this time 'round:D  Check out our favorite projects after the jump!


#1 Tyler The Creator: Call Me If You Get Lost

What else is there to say? lol. Album of the year easily!!! Tyler took it up another notch. The production, the lyrics, the mystique of not knowing who the guest appearance was until you listened to the track. As well as giving it that classic Gangsta Grillz Mixtape vibe with DJ Drama all over it. Straight Nostalgic! All I can say is PHENOMENAL!!!!! 

#2 Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak: An Evening With Silk Sonic

Just like Tyler's, this was an amazing album from beginning to end. I wish it was a lot longer though, but I loved the old school funk vibe.  They nailed it with Bootsy hosting this project. Made it more authentic & set the tone. Reminded me of those classic 70's R&B group albums. 

#3 Morray: Street Sermons

I know this is gonna shock a lot of folks esp where I have it ranked lol, but this was a great album & highly slept on. He came out the gate banging with Quicksand & from that I had to listen to the album when it dropped. I found myself listening to this album just about daily. It's full of motivational songs that help get you through your day as well as inspiring you to go get it! If you haven't listened, I def recommend you take a gander! 

#4 Nas: King's Disease II

I know this will shock some folks cause of how low I have it, but there was no way this album wouldn't make my list (although it almost didn't' due to him dropping his Magic album lol).  Album was a huge step up from the 1st King's Disease. Not saying the 1st one was a bad one, but with this one... Hit-Boy gave Nas them classic hip hop vibe beats & Nas delivered!! Death Row East & Store Run are one of the best storytelling Nas tracks!! 

#5 Kanye West: Donda

I know A LOT of people have this as album of the year & will be shocked at how low I have the album. It almost didn't make my list lol, but I had to reconsider. Out the gate I wasn't feeling Donda, but as time progressed I got more into the album. One of the reason's it's so low on my list is due to how many skippable tracks there are on the album. There's about 30 tracks on the album so I feel at least 20 of them should be fire, whereas it's about half of that at least for me. Maybe as time progresses my opinion will change, but for right now it stays the same. 

Honorable Mentions:

CurrenSy:  Pilot Talk 4

Drake: Certified Lover Boy

Lil Durk & Lil Baby: Voice of the heroes

Nas: Magic

J Cole: The Off season 


Per Goldie, these are ALL his top albums this year and in no particular order...

Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf.  
(Ya'll i have that 'hole' phobia, so you can understand why this artwork is missing)



6.  Hitler Wears Hermes 8 Side B- Westside Gunn

Simply put... a juxtaposition of boom-bap sound and art that came to life.  Standouts:  Free Kutter, Hell on Earth Pt. 2, Survivor Series 95.  

5.  Call Me If You Get Lost- Tyler, the Creator

This is the lowest a Tyler album has ranked on my list.  I could be 'one of those' who feels different about a project once the hype catches up.  Like you want greatness for your fav artist, but at the same time a lil disgusted at the new fans. lol.  Idk man, I played this album OUT as with any of his others, and as a fan for over 10 years saddened to have one of his so low.  Tyler's ear for sounds is always NOTHING short than amazing.  It's a great body of work.  I had to be honest though.  Once the weather changed, so did my urge to hear it.  I got my tickets for that concert tho...
Standouts:  Corso, Manifesto, Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance

4.  Who is Nardo Wick?-  Nardo Wick 

As I've explained when Nudy and Carti etc. were on my list in previous years... when I like my shit, I like my shit.  and THIS... is my shit.  A solid debut to accompany the incomparable Who Want Smoke. 
Standouts:  Allum.

3.  Super Tecmo Bo-  Boldy James

This originally started off as a tie with Bo Jackson.  The first song off Bo Jack alone caused the tango of decision.  Have you heard "Double Hockey Sticks?"  My Gawd.  However, after careful consideration and listening back to back..  Super Tecmo Bowl reigned supreme in my book.  Alchemist showed his ass this year and Boldy knew EXACTLY what to do with both packs.  Standouts:  No Laughing Matter, Hot Water Tank, Great Adventures

2.  Folarin II- Wale

 I didn't venture to his last few projects and actually ended up giving this one a shot because I liked the artwork.  Surprise surprise.  FoIarin II was very well put together.  The beat selection, melodies, track order.  Even those caliber of samples were done right, which is rare in this day and age.  The sound?  *Hustleman voice... Check the clarity on that.  In hindsight, the artwork is symbolic.  Flowers are in order.   Standouts:  Light Years, Down South, Jump In

1.  Donda/Donda Deluxe- Kanye West

I know God breeeeved on this.  What a way to honor your mother.  Keeping God at your center, trying not to refrain from using profanity, but also being yourself and vulnerable completely.  "Can I talk my sh-t again!?".  Donda ranks number one because it's more than an album.  Outside of the visual listening parties, this body of work is a musical EXPERIENCE.  The features ALL served their purpose with the purpose, if you dig me.  I resonate with many elements of this album and proud that this is what Ye' chose to present to continue carrying his mother's name.  Price went up... angel investor.  Standouts:  Off the Grid, Believe What I Say, Heaven and Hell.  Deluxe Standouts:  Life of the Party (*insert tear drop emoji), Remote Control Pt. 2, Ok Ok.

Honorable Mentions:

Pilot Talk 4- Curren$y

Super sweet addition to the Pilot Talk series, however, if I could have replaced a couple of these with tracks from Still Stoned on Ocean and Land Air Sea, this would've ranked high. Standouts:  There It Is, Memory Lane, and AD6.  Andretti back over the stove... 

The Melodic Blue- Baby Keem

I hate to bring this up, but it's factual.  With Kendrick being his cousin, Baby Keem had some HUGE shoes to fill.  I think he showed he can hold his own with this debut.  Def some fire on here.  Standouts:  Trademark USA, Cocoa, Family Ties.

Vince Staples- Vince Staples

This album had a somber feel, but Vince is always good at stepping out the box and executing it well.  
Standouts:  Take Me Home, Law of Averages, Taking Trips.

Bigger Than Life or Death- Est Gee

Mans has bars.  Gee (and Baby Face Ray) have been on my 'up next' for a lil while now.  Standouts:  5500 Degrees, Price Tag, Lick Back

Top R & B Albums:

I had to make this list separate because it was hard enough sticking with the order of the 6 above.  While I don't listen to R & B much, new R & B anyway, I had to put a spotlight on these two projects.  They did their thing.  

2.  Table for Two- Lucky Daye 

Lucky Daye's voice floats soul exquisiteness over every track.  This could definitely be a soundtrack for a short film.  Standouts:  How Much Can a Heart Take?, On Read, Falling in Love

1.  Mother - Cleo Sol

"you're..... soooo..... hard to loveeee".  If you close your eyes, these songs can be applicable to any relationship and not just that of a tainted one with your mother.  Cleo's voice is PERFECT on every song.  The lyrics throughout Mother are A1.  *Kirk franklin voice, Preach preacher!  From summer to present, countless moments in the shower belting.  "Because you... nearly broke.. me.. down."  Standouts:  Build Me Up, 23, Music. 

This was fun.  Let's see what 2022 has for us!


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