Thursday, December 30, 2021

5 Liquors Recommended to Bring in the New Year

*Disclaimer... I drink everything straight, so I don't have any fancy recipes to recommend.  Maybe next time.

I mean because thanks to Covid and its cousins running a muck, we all finna be in the house anyway?  For those going out... chile may the force be with you.  For those of us staying in, here are 5 liquors I recommend to get you through NYE.  


100 proof.  One of my go to's for years.  It will get whatever job you're attempting, Done.


Less in proof, but most certainly STRONGER than Knob Creek.  If you're trying to take it there.. this is the one for you.  Proceed with caution though because when this one hits... Bag of bricks.


I started dibbling with this again during the summer.  Not so much now, but if you aren't a fan of brown and prefer Tequila... don't sleep on the Hornitos.  It's effective and actually tastes like a mixed drink.  Great for shots.  

MILAGRO Silver and LIP SERVICE whiskey

These are pictured together because I simply mix them together. lol.  They ARE each other's chaser.  If you're feeling frisky... try these two, put on some music, and let the night take you where it may. '


It's NYE... so bubbly is also an option.  I haven't opened this bottle yet, but planned to on NYE, sooooo if you choose this one... we'll be trying it together essentially.

Hope this helps with your next trip to the liquor store!  Be safe!