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Just Dialogue: Movies/TV Shows I Watched during Quarantine (pt. III)

We have reached a part III of this saga... all whilst going into year 3 of the pandemic *sigh.  It's becoming difficult to keep these as just dialogue with no spoilers.  I have things to say!  Maybe that can change for the next one.  Anywho, I'm certain there are a few that I'm forgetting.  They'll be thrown on the next post.  Let's get into it:

BMF (Black Mafia Family)/STARZ

"at least you can wish me luck... ".  I had been WAITING for this show since being announced a couple years ago.  It exceeded expectations.  Everyone played the hell out of their role and the pacing of the story was perfect... which is very important in any series or film.  Kudos to 50.




Speaking of acting... Halle deserves more flowers.  I think people try to downplay her due to her being undeniably pretty, but let me tell you something... Ms. Berry can ACT and kills any role handed to her.  Ok?  Her execution is this one was nothing short of impressive.  "Thank you Big" *tear drop.


Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Season 2)/ HULU

Taking away nothing from Season 1, however, I MUST note they leveled up with Season 2.  I have always been a little fascinated with Wu's story and have watched several of their documentaries.  It's so intricate and complex with all the members and personalities.  Happy that they were renewed for season 3!, but saddened that it's the final one.    


Clickbait/ NETFLIX

I don't know anyone who guessed this twist correctly... or even saw it coming.   



Be cautious.  I had to warn my girlfriends....this series is half dialogue half soft porn.  Seriously.  Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride with different routes.  Many people can relate.


Tell Me A Story (Season 1)/Paramount Plus

Fairy tales revamped with a dark spin.  Yes, this was right up my alley.


AHS Stories AND Double Feature/FX HULU

AHS stories got a lot of flack on twitter, understandably.  It was a 'teen bop' effort towards the series.  I may add though, that there were some good episodes.  "Drive-in", photo'd above, was probably executed the best.  That shit could really happen.  

I could not, and trust me i tried faithfully each Wednesday night, get into the alien half of this double feature.  BUTTTT... HONEY, Red Tide solidified itself in the top 5 BEST AHS seasons so far.  Some may argue top 3... Even with the lackluster ending 


The Harder They Fall/NETFLIX

An ALL star cast of US...effectively teaching a part of our history in OUR way.  What more is there to say!?  Oh wait there is one thing... the C. A. Boseman train.  Gone but never forgotten.


True Story/NETFLIX

Usually, it's hard to take a comedian serious when playing such a role, but Kev did a good job.  He and Wesley complimented each other.  Now THIS one I was half right about with the twist. lol.


Nine Perfect Strangers/HULU

...what now, lapochka??

I screamed on that part.  Per the promo, I was amped for this series release.  I enjoyed it for the most part until I didn't.  Specifically speaking, I hated the ending.  I don't remember it honestly, I just know it fell flat for me.  I may need to revisit and see if I have a change of heart.


Halloween Kills

True halloween fans like myself, loved the essence.  Most of us anyway.  It was nostalgic to remember the who what when where and why in the previous ones.  In addition, I am always going to be hype that the person playing this Michael... played the original Michael. 74 years old and still killing shit.  No pun intended



Yes, it is an asterisk in the title.  Correct, I don't fool with saying that name.  I saw a lot of backlash on social media for this one, also.  Unsure of what type "horror" people were expecting, honestly.... particularly from a Jordan Peele film.  Minus the gross parts, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The modern flip on the story and reasoning.. and boy... the ending.  Yes sir.


You (Season 3)/ NETFLIX

Do not watch unless you've watched the other seasons.  If you're connected to the characters, it makes for a much better story.  For instance, Love was cool in season 2.  However,  this season she got on my last nerve with her careless antics.  CARELESS.  I truly think they could have ended it here and left it open to (maybe further down the line) reboot it back up if they wanted to continue the story.  At the current moment, I can't imagine season 4 would be any different than the Joe we've all grown to love and hate.  I'll be watching though.


Squid Game (Season 1)/NETFLIX

I hadn't seen the trailer or even knew what it was about.  I went into watching this completely blind.  I think it was better that way.  The shock value was pure.  IMO, episode 6 was the worst game and not for the reason you think.  I, also, don't think the person who won.. deserved to win.   Man it's HARD trying to type about this one without giving spoilers. 


Raising Kanan/STARZ

"I know heartbreaks...setbacks...".  Prior to BMF, 50 gave us a continuation of the 'Power' saga with Kanan's origin.  Gee double O dee, GOOD.  The cliffhanger of Season 1 has us all patiently waiting for a Season 2.


Our Kind of People/ FOX HULU

Actually, I'm not sure how I stumbled across this one, but I wish it was promoted better.  It deserves more talks.  The storyline is pretty good and keeps you guessing of "what's next?"  The drama can get spicy.


Selling Tampa/ NETFLIX

 Representation matters.  Even if you aren't into real estate, these women will make you feel empowered AND keep you thoroughly entertained.  Bosses, OK?  They HAVE to do a season 2.  


Cruella/ DISNEY

I was pleasantlyyyyy surprised.  Aware of the 'dark' tone they set, but unaware of how bad ass this movie was from start to finish.  Anita Darling, how are you?



Don't Look Up/ NETFLIX

Last, but not least.  Three days later and I still have PTSD from this movie.  Why?  Simply because... we seem more closer to this than ever.  Whatever you're expecting from the trailer... forget about it. lol.  Just watch.


Until next year....

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