Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Overdue Flowers: Roc-A-Fella Records artist.... Rell.

 Late 90s- Early 2000s... Rocafella Records had the game on lock.  Current billionaire Jay-Z as the major headliner and breadwinner, films, and several artists who dominated the radio airwaves (Dipset, State Property, Young Gunz, Kanye West to name a few).  As with many major record labels, there were stand out artists who just didn't get a chance to shine as we wanted them to.  For this spotlight, flowers are certainly in order for Rocafella's R&B artist, Rell.

Gerrell Gaddis, hailing from South Carolina, was the first male R&B artist signed to Roc-A-Fella.  Did you know prior to this, he was a pre-med student?  
He crooned seamlessly on a feature every time and had banging singles, but never reached the success they should've.  To keep this a positive post highlighting what is most important, Rell was a necessary  piece of the Roc-A-Fella puzzle.  Necessary.  Here's a list of records that would not be the track they are to this day, if it wasn't for Rell...

As One x Jay-Z, Rell, Young Gunz, Omillio Sparks, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crack, Memphis Bleek

Only one way to kick this list off.  Who do you know could execute an Earth, Wind, & Fire sample vocally, this RAW?  Hov was right.  "Turn Rell up a lil bit..."

Change x Beanie Sigel, Rell, Melissa Jay
I really want to get deep into my personal connection with this song, but maybe another post.  Anywho,  Rell's belt of "I Don't Think We on the Same Paaaaaage" will hit you in the back of your spine. unexpectedly.

 Real Love x Rell, Kanye, Consequence 

This originally came out in 2004.  I heard it the following year in college; Limewire days.  Kanye had finally blew up beyond belief and I just knew this song would too during this time *sigh.  a JAM.

 No Better Love x Young Gunz, Rell    

He was the PERFECT fit for this song.

Blow Your Smoke x Jim Jones, Rell      

In 2023, this record still gets play in my household.  It just makes me feel good :)

Love For Free x Rell, Jay-Z

Time Warp... 1998 :: Love for Free | Rell x Jay-Z )

This song aged like fine wine.  I appreciate it more and more the older I get.  A bridge done correctly.

Don't Realize x State Property, Rell
It's no mxthafxckin way that IIIIIII.  This record overall- flawless victory.

Look at Me Now x Beanie  

my life in shape like I run about a mile a day.  I specifically saved this song for last because it resonates on a personal level.  In reference to this post though, the way that Rell matches Beans energy subtly, but ever so loudly through the ENTIRE song.  Incredible.  Ain't nothin that you nxggas can tell me... 

I enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoyed viewing it.  A whole hearted Rell Appreciation Post.  On another note, Rell lost his father last month.  Sending him much much love, peace, and condolences.  

What's your favorite Rell cut and/or feature?

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  1. Another well written post. To have the title ran by for feedback to seeing it in fruition made the anticipation well worth it. You just took me down memory lane. Each and every one of those songs is part of the soundtrack of my life