Monday, December 13, 2010

Motivation Mondays...

This week.. I've decided to have two songs for today...

To commemorate my grandmother's anniversary on this day (rip) and the unbelievable things I have going on in my life physically, mentally, and emotionally... I still have to be a "big girl" ..put on the happy facade in the office..and ACT like everything is ok....

"I can't see it coming down my eyes.... so I gotta make the song cry"
:'''''''''''''''''''''''''( hurting

On a brighter note, however, this song brings joy to me. It brings back memories... of friday nights in the city at my Aunt gloria's house....listening to her and mom talk about the latest happenings while i prance around in awe lol. Up until today... where I still hear the song.. where now... it is I.. who has the glass of wine in hand on Friday nights... Deniece blaring... prancing around feeling like I'm on the clouds. This song takes me there... For a few minutes.... not a care in the world...#feelgoodmusic.

"I just wan't to be free..... free.... freeee"


  1. awwwww Give my Ma-IN-Law a kiss and hug for me...spread love to u and cj too.

  2. Friday's were definitely fun in our house!!! And nothing like the good memories of spending time with Fam. You gotta send Bugg the links 2 ur blogs sure she'd love 2 read em.

  3. R.I.P. Grandma!!!!! Words can not express how much you are truly missed. Not a day goes by without the thought of your smiling face. Oh how I wish I could just pop over 2 ur crib on a Friday night and smell the aroma of fresh spots being fried in ur kitchen. I could go on and on about the things I miss about you but you're always watching over me.

    Peace & Blessings