Thursday, December 2, 2010

Throwback Thursday....

I’ve been on my early 90s ish today and Faith has been boomin. Just so happens this version of You Used to Love Me randomnly came on. I’ve NEVER heard it before :-/…but I Like!!! A different kind of vibe from the original.

My Favorite Faith Look (the bleach blonde) circa 94/95 (Oh how i miss the 90's ..sigh)

Another Faith look/song I love. I think she looked FLAWLESS in this video. Love it.

To someonewho shall remain namelessI LOVE YOU.. (every single lyric)
Side commentary: Funny I can feel that way…but my emotions are the complete OPPOSITE right now


  1. That version of You Used To Love Me was on the single. Remember when they used 2 make those??? Yeah me too......!!! My favorite Faith look is from the Again video!!! She looked so radiant and full of life. Weight was just right and the redish orange hair was flawless!!!!

  2. Oh yea.. A side regular version... B side be the remix lol. I use to sneak in your room to listen to ALL your 'Bad Boy' cd's and Foxy.. while Aunt Gloria was babysitting me LOL. I always put them back how i found them *blinkseyelashes lol. Yes in the again video she seemed so happy! I like that one too! It's a lot of Faith videos where she was killin 'em (You gets no love, Love like this, Again etc)..I might have to do a like spotlight/tribute and post em all. Thanks again for comemnting fam!