Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays

I chose this song simply because I felt like it -_- lol. No I'm just kidding. Seriously though.. Although, Fox was raunchy, she wasn't like that always... and made some hardcore no porn for the ladies. Basically... you can hold your own like a man. She hung out with the boys and still kept her femininity and stood out from the crowd.

My personal message for the day that has nothing to do with the video :Ladies, Don't feel worthless and don't feel you have to dumb down your appearance of being fly just cause ppl hatin on you. You looking good and keep yourself up... men love that.. and most women who don't keep themselves up are jealous of it. Pay them no mind. Pamper yourself...Handle your business...Get your money mami.

Also, drop all that loose baggage (that includes everyone of both sexes)... "I can't rock w/ you no more... How can i love you?... I can't even trust you".. That line alone can apply to a homegirl.. a co worker... a significant other. Don't let the love word in there throw you off... Not rockin w/ someone and not trusting them can apply to everyone..#Hello! What you bringin to the table shorty??

**Sigh...I love this song... AND the video...

S/O to my fam Kim.. Happy Birthday...and thanks for being hip when I was younger...enabled me to sneak in your room and listen to music (specifically the ILL NA NA album) like this while you weren't home lmao. Enjoy your day hunny

"Ain't like a chick ain't ballin' herself..and
Can you give me more, then I'm holding myself??"- Fox

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  1. Awww fam!!! Glad I was able to be some sort of influence (positive....hopefully LMAO)!!!! Ur the bestest and wouldn't trade u 4 the world. I'll be lookin 4 u standin next 2 Iyanla Vanzant real soon!!!!