Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Womens Empowerment Wednesdays... : World AIDS Day

I had a song in mind for today...but I decided to use this one in LEU of WORLD AIDS DAY.

I be like my generations complaining about things we don't have, but if you think about it we ain't got it so bad- Travis McCoy

This is a serious disease my sisters...and why it may not affect some of us affects us ALL. Anyone who knows me...know I RARELY promote Tyler Perry movies personal reasons ...but if you haven't seen "For Colored Girls".. Please go out and do so. I promise in one way or can relate...YOU'RE NOT ALONE MY SISTERS. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Keep your head up darlings....Remember...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Not just because of today, but if you haven't already...GET TESTED...

"So let's make history....and help out those in need..."

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