Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Broadway's Michael Jackson, "MJ: the Musical", announces New Tour Dates

The King lives on.  MJ: The Musical premiered February 1st this year at the Broadway Niel Simon Theatre in New York City.  The overall reviews have consisted mostly of praise and rhapsody.  Recently, it was announced that a North American tour will kick off in July 2023.  Starting in Chicago, the tour will continue on until tentatively early October.  Charlotte is, also, on the list so far for September 2023.   

Time Warp...1998: Hot Spot | Foxy Brown

Circa 1998.

Pressed whenever this video came on just to talk shit I had no business talking and to do the lil' dance.  The album cover, the follow up single, THIS video.  Allat.  Fox leveled up for her sophomore release.   Forever an icon in her own right.  Fun fashion fact:  All were wearing the 1998 Chanel trainer sneakers during the choreography.
Big ballin' bitch, I want all uh this shit.

APPLY NOW: Hennessy "Unfinished Business" Program to provide Funding for Small Urban businesses

For decades the Urban communities have been the main consumer of the Hennessy brand.  Now, it's time to reciprocate.  The 'Unfinished Business' initiative teamed up with the NBA to help administer $2.5Million of additional funding to Black, Latinx, and Asian American small businesses.  In honor of the NBA's 75th season, Hennessy and fellow enlisted partner organizations (One Hundred Black Men, the Asian American Business Development Center, and the Hispanic Federation) will distribute $7,500 to hundreds of small businesses who apply.   The applications are open from March 22, 2022, to 11:59pm ET on March 28, 2022.  Each selection is based on eligible recipients via a first come, first served basis.  

Here are a few of the eligibility requirements:

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

{Watch} Trailer:: Magic Johnson's "They Call Me Magic" Documentary

Beginning April 22nd, "They Call Me Magic" will debut on Apple TV+.  The four part series, directed by Rick Famuyiwa, will give viewers an intimate look of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson's life and legacy.  The doc will feature his journey to and duration with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dream Team, controversial HIV announcement/diagnosis, Black community activism with the Bloods and Crips and so much more.  You will, also, catch candid interviews with former teammates, family, friends, and even some rivals.  Based off the preview... This is going to be GOOOOOD.   
Watch the trailer after the jump!

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: "The Flowers" x Tyler, the Creator "Call Me If You Get Lost" Tour DC Show

March kicked off with a bang.  I have titled the first excursion as 'The Flowers' because it was literally flowers EVERYwhere in the restaurant.  No exaggeration.  You'll see.  Tyler's concert was a couple days later.  Nothing short of AMAZING per usual.  It was, also, a moment in time of reflection.  I'll explain. 
Take a glimpse into the journey below!: 

Time Warp...1997: Hard Times x Bone Thugs n Harmony

Circa 1997.

...slowly erase my sunshine.

Saturday morning.  Snow falling.  I see that Traci Braxton passed and am instantly in the feels.  I've watched Braxton Family Values so much that they felt like distant family.  It stung to read the headline.  Sunday morning, a personal matter happened that turned my entire day upside down.  Monday.  Oh God Monday.  First thing that morning I read that Razor Ramon was to be taken off life support.  Me/My Brother/My Cousins we grew up on wrestling so naturally, we were affected.  Plus, he's from here...Maryland.  Later that day, Pusha T announced that his father had passed.  PAIN.  Push recently lost his mother back in November and now this.  I felt so bad for him.  As if all of this wasn't enough, later that night... I read Ms. Evelyn (Braxton) message regarding her daughter Traci's death and immediately after saw that Kelis' husband passed away from stomach cancer.   My heart is heavy just typing all of this.  Bone's song came to mind and to play.  I'll do a time warp for the actual sample on another day.
Prayers, peace, and comfort to everyone.

Photos:: Polo Ralph Lauren announces new HBCU Collection

A new Polo Ralph Lauren advertising campaign, that includes a 30-minute film, announced its latest partnership exclusively tailored for two specific HBCU's:  Morehouse and Spelman College.  The film will premiere on March 28th @ 730pm on Ralph Lauren's YouTube page, revisiting the American legacy of 'collegiate style' and honoring the essential role that HBCU's have in the American Dream.  

The collection will be available globally March 29th on RalphLauren.com, the Polo and Ralph Lauren Apps, Morehouse and Spelman College campus bookstores, and in select Ralph Lauren stores.   

Giving Back:: "Abbott Elementary" will provide Free Scholastic Book Fairs to Underfunded Schools

Along with announcing the hit show's 2nd season renewal, ABC shared that the sitcom has partnered with the Scholastic book fair for several underfunded schools across the nation.  So far, reports state that Philadelphia, LA, Erie PA, St. Paul, Flint Michigan, and El Monte California are on the schedule list.  Students will receive 2 free books and Teachers will receive 10 free books.

"Abbott Elementary" doesn't stop there.  Show front runner and creator, Quinta Brunson, told NPR that she redirected some of the show's marketing money to help teachers buy school supplies.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

KITH Women Launches a New Aaliyah Collection with Never Before Seen Photos

Kicking off International Women's Day this year, KITH Women announced and released a new capsule of an Aaliyah collection.  In a partnership with her estate, this collection is said to have never before seen photos of the late singer/actress.  Proceeds from this collection will go to Aaliyah's former high school, Detroit School of Arts,  in addition to the I Support The Girls foundation.  Per Aaliyah's instagram, "Our goal was to uplift their next generation of female students by using our platform to share their talents and perspectives”.  Her legacy continues.  Check out a few of the items after the jump!

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart announce Joint Comedy Tour : "Only Headliners Allowed"


Kevin Hart and Chris Rock both announced a 2022 comedy tour earlier this year.  "When Chris and I realized we were both going to be on tour this year we immediately knew we needed to do something special".  Hart additionally expressed that "This is a major moment in comedy and one for the history books".
The two power comedians have joined forces for the "Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed" tour.  

A Murder Inc. Records Docu-series is coming to BET soon...

"We thank our long-standing partner Irv Gotti, and the many talented artists at the iconic label for trusting our brand to tell their personal and inspiring stories. We look forward to bringing viewers a compelling music documentary series that reveals how this label consequently changed the music industry forever."- Executive Producer, Tiffany Lea Williams.

BET has announced a new hip-hop Docu-series to add under their belt; previously held with No Limit Records and Ruff Ryders Entertainment.  This summer, a five-part Murder Inc. doc is set to hit the television waves.  Irv Gotti and Ja Rule will narrate the 'untold' story on the rise and fall of Murder Inc. Records.  Gotti expressed in a statement that he is not 'ashamed' of the lows faced during this journey as it helped him to be the man he is today.  I'm unsure of how far they are really willing to dive into the story, but like the others... this should definitely be good.

s.o. to Vibe.

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{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Dreams of Triumph presents... 'Black Love' Pop-Up Shop

Mi holmes Val held yet another successful Pop Up event for his brand, "Dreams of Triumph".  I documented the first one here back in 2016 and have attended many since.  Posts missing due to my hiatus during that time.  It's awesome to see his progression each time.  'Black Love' was a celebration of many things, including Val's birthday.  Merch from the brand for sale, games, signature drinks, jams, and culture in a blender.  Take a glimpse below!  

Fashion Icon Dapper Dan shines in GAP's latest campaign

As a brand rooted in modern American optimism, we celebrate what it means to be your true self today.  
This campaign is an honest reflection of individuals shaping culture by embracing their own paths—not what has been historically or traditionally defined for them, but what they define to be true for themselves. The campaign creative captures these creators pioneering a more inclusive, accepting world and putting their own distinctive stamp on American style.”
-  Mary Alderete, Global Head of Gap Marketing

GAP Global Creative Director, Len Peltier, delivers a SP/22 installment that features significant champions of social justice, women's rights and more.  Fashion icon and legend, Dapper Dan, has collaborated with this latest campaign, including designing a special edition "DAP GAP" hoodie.