Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Fashion Icon Dapper Dan shines in GAP's latest campaign

As a brand rooted in modern American optimism, we celebrate what it means to be your true self today.  
This campaign is an honest reflection of individuals shaping culture by embracing their own paths—not what has been historically or traditionally defined for them, but what they define to be true for themselves. The campaign creative captures these creators pioneering a more inclusive, accepting world and putting their own distinctive stamp on American style.”
-  Mary Alderete, Global Head of Gap Marketing

GAP Global Creative Director, Len Peltier, delivers a SP/22 installment that features significant champions of social justice, women's rights and more.  Fashion icon and legend, Dapper Dan, has collaborated with this latest campaign, including designing a special edition "DAP GAP" hoodie.
I am unsure of exactly how many pieces will be released.  However, I DO know...you can snag the hoodie online, March 10 at 4PM EST.  Keep a lookout for the others.  

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