Tuesday, March 15, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: "The Flowers" x Tyler, the Creator "Call Me If You Get Lost" Tour DC Show

March kicked off with a bang.  I have titled the first excursion as 'The Flowers' because it was literally flowers EVERYwhere in the restaurant.  No exaggeration.  You'll see.  Tyler's concert was a couple days later.  Nothing short of AMAZING per usual.  It was, also, a moment in time of reflection.  I'll explain. 
Take a glimpse into the journey below!: 

I was feeling very Selina Kyle-ish, circa Michelle Pfeiffer, this day.  Mischief and my curls were poppin.  Meow.

She ordered the Blackberry Pineapple Margarita

Crab Cake sandwich.  Guac and chips.  Shrimp lettuce wraps.  

I won't hold you, this Truffle mac was BLAND.  I asked for salt and pepper early.  That did the trick.

Watching you, watching me.

Some chaos ensued after leaving the first spot, but we got it handled.  Then, went to have more wine at another place to cap off the night. 


Tyler!  I bought my tickets back in August, which seemed so long ago until I looked up and.. here we are.  This is my sixth or seventh time seeing Tyler and for my day one blog visitors...you know my fandom for him goes long.  There's only one other person that gives me the unexplainable mood of happiness at their concerts and that's Hov.  So let's get into it...

This was just ONE entrance.  The others around the arena were just the same.  

In true Gallery Place fashion, there was a man protesting that if you listen to Tyler, you're going to hell.  Fun times -_-.


There is always a line for the ladies room.

Teezo Touchdown opened the show.  He had a home depot thing going on.  There was a song that cranked, but i have no idea what the name of it was :/

What up?

Vince Staples.  
I've seen him before in 2013 at the Fillmore and 2014 at Camp Flog Gnaw in LA, but he wasn't one of the performances I REALLY remember.  That was a GREAT time.  Anyway, I found out this year that he puts on a show.  Swag dancing different moves constantly while rapping with breath control is a talent.  Impressive.  Vince performed the entire Vince Staples by Vince Staples album and a few known cuts in between.

During a drink reup, a young lady named Kristine came up and started talking to us.  Super nice.

Kali Uchis.
Now reflection begins.  I went to see her for the first time in 2015 @ the Broccoli City Festival.  Her Por Vida album had me in a CHOKE hold, ok? and I was PRESSED to see her live.  I'll never forget how the people in front treated her while she was on stage.  The crowd was so bad, it visibly upset her.  I could go into detail on the whole scenario, but it was a negative experience for me, also, and water under the bridge at this point.  Nevertheless, fast forward to 2022.  The screams and cheers she was receiving just by simply standing on stage was crazy.  I KNOW it felt good.. considering she's from VA.  Alexandria to be exact.  Love from home hit different.  Surprisingly, she did 'Loner' AND 'Speed' during her set :D.  Took me back!

Another reup before Tyler 

Voice hoarse from rapping every word and singing every song.  Nothing out of the norm :).  I had another reflection moment during this set, but I tend to have them at his shows.  Each tour, he is in a larger venue with a larger fanbase.  To be there from the beginning and see the growth is like WOW (font 72).  "I should win a fucking award for being me".  
*sheds a thug tear of happiness.

Let outs are always crazy

I thought I was going home BUT... she talked me into getting more food after.

And somehow... talked me into going to another spot after that...

130am.  Withered.

All in All.  I was soooo happy.  Can't you tell? ;-)

It's T Baby.


  1. I have tried to double tap EVERY single picture here. You so eloquently made me think I was there with y’all! Thanks for the journey