Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Time Warp...1997: Hard Times x Bone Thugs n Harmony

Circa 1997.

...slowly erase my sunshine.

Saturday morning.  Snow falling.  I see that Traci Braxton passed and am instantly in the feels.  I've watched Braxton Family Values so much that they felt like distant family.  It stung to read the headline.  Sunday morning, a personal matter happened that turned my entire day upside down.  Monday.  Oh God Monday.  First thing that morning I read that Razor Ramon was to be taken off life support.  Me/My Brother/My Cousins we grew up on wrestling so naturally, we were affected.  Plus, he's from here...Maryland.  Later that day, Pusha T announced that his father had passed.  PAIN.  Push recently lost his mother back in November and now this.  I felt so bad for him.  As if all of this wasn't enough, later that night... I read Ms. Evelyn (Braxton) message regarding her daughter Traci's death and immediately after saw that Kelis' husband passed away from stomach cancer.   My heart is heavy just typing all of this.  Bone's song came to mind and to play.  I'll do a time warp for the actual sample on another day.
Prayers, peace, and comfort to everyone.