Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last Resort kick starts a Fashion Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

Chad Balkum and Akeem Joseph, owners of Last Resort (apparel/accessories company), are inspired to help teens in their hometown, Newarkm New Jersey, live out their passions. Giving back to their community, Last Resort has kicked off a 12-week fashion business start-up course. Awesome to see folks come back and help those who don’t have the resources. Read the deets below::

 "The goal is to raise $10,000 to produce the hats designed in collaboration with the students that participated in the 12-week course. Last Resort will also be presenting the hats designed in collaboration with the students at Capsule Trade Show in addition to their own latest collection.
Proceeds from the sales of the hats produced in collaboration with the students will be used to create grants that can be put towards funding their very own start-up ideas or used directly in support of their pursuit of higher education.
Following production, Last Resort seeks to keep the course going for youth aged 15-17 giving the students something they never had; practical business knowledge and a team of mentors who care about seeing them live their dreams."

Although, the funding campaign closed earlier this month, you can read up more on the program @ IndieGogo. Visit their official site LastResortIntl. Here's a brief word from Balkum and Joseph themselves, personally sharing their mission ...

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