Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"ATL 2" may not be arriving as soon as we think. Here's a word from Lauren London...

When T.I. posted this photo in March (along with another) mentioning ATL 2, we were all hyped... and under the impression that the sequel was finally in production and arriving sometime this year (maybe).  In present day, Lauren London did a recent interview with YBF.  In a portion, she briefly discusses the film.  Hold your excitement horses on the thought of 'ATL 2'.  
In all actuality, the photos were a false alarm.  
 "It's definitely not in the works.  Right now , it's a concept and there's a lot of possibilities with that."  
Lauren touches on where she would like to have her character go if this film were to be produced.  
"I can't give you that.  That's a lot.  Even my own opinion.  My own opinion might be on the screen.  I might have some writer credit, I don't know (laughs).
...I'm not saying I do, but I'm saying I may say some shit that I'm not supposed to.  
....I always get in trouble.  But I would still want New New's fashion to be... I feel like the character and all her aesthetics should remain important like her hair and her lipgloss (etc.).  I wouldn't want to lose that.  Even though she does grow up, I think she should still be funky, fresh, and spunky.  I would keep that..." 

Well there you have it.  Hopefully, an ATL 2 will come one day before it's too late to make one.  I would most certainly go see it.
To read the entire interview , visit the YBF.

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