Thursday, June 4, 2015

Time Warp... 1973 :: Visions | Stevie Wonder

Circa 1973.
It has rained for four days straight with unseasonably cool weather. Cloudy days of mostly mellow tunes. This song falls on the incredibly great and my absolute favorite Stevie album, Innervisions. Just a quick history lesson. In 1974 at the Rainbow Theater in London, during a performance, Stevie explained this song is about a question he will forever pose.. about the visions of the things/places we only see in our minds. He went on to say that it's a shame we have to build a world of make believe in our souls and that people escape from reality by getting high. He shared with the audience that because the Supreme being gave him a chance to express musically so everyone can feel and understand those that are not able to speak on the microphone or talk to as many as he can... he will use it. Solidness right there. I just wanted to share that...
Sidebar: This is the original of the sample I referred to on the Ginuwine post.

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