Sunday, June 14, 2015

{UPDATE} :: I added personal videos to my previous 'Personal Posts' (Concerts, Events, etc.)

Laughter is so good for the soul.  Not sure exactly what we were laughing at, but there is about four photos of us cracking up @ something.  Good times.  
Speaking of good times, I'm happy to say I added videos to quite a few of some older personal posts.  As you've seen in the most recent ones, videos will be added more often now.  I finally get to share the moments through photos AND visuals.  Enjoy.  
I copied and pasted the links of the newly added ones below.

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: August Alsina Album Listening Session @ Park 14th , DC.
-  Four vids added of the interview and performances.

{Personal Post} Photos :: Camp Floggnaw Odd Future Carnival 2014 | Los Angeles, CA
-  I had a couple videos (including one where i'm singing 'Run to the Sun' by. NERD to Ebonie) but I decided to keep the others for personal keep and only posted my slide video on this one.  Funners

(Personal Post) : Photos/Videos - Governor's Ball Music Festival 2014 - June 6th . #GovBallNYC
-  Videos of us jamming to Outkast' performance :-D

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos ::  Summer Concert Series Pt. 1 - Dipset & Jay x Bey's 'On The Run'
-  OTR footage 

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos::  Summer Concert Series Pt. 2 - Tyler the Creator & Frankie Beverly x MAZE
-  Tyler's concert footage.  In a more recent post, I talked about how Travis Scott/Young Thug concert was the most turnt up I've attended to date.  I can certainly say, this was the runner up.   

{Personal Post}  Photos/Videos :: Trillectro 2014 | Washington D.C. 
-  2 vids.  Schmurda dances and a super turn up to 'Dreams and Nightmares'.  Cameos from Brent and Jerome.  

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos ::  'Yeezus' Tour ...Baltimore show.   
-  Footage...  

Here's the link to view other Personal Posts 

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