Monday, June 1, 2015

Love Lost :: Paris 'Pont des Arts' love lock bridge to close for good...

'No love lost... no love found...'
For years in Paris, travelers have added a padlock to the Pont des Arts symbolizing their eternal love for a significant other etc.  It has, also, been seen on reality shows recently - Real Housewives of Atlanta, Black Ink, and so forth.
The origin of this tradition is unknown.  However, it became popular following the 2006 novel I Want You where a couple adds a lock to Rome's Ponte Milvio.
With such romanticism surrounding the essence of the bridge, who would think it was actually a nightmare- a structure nightmare that is.  It is said that Pont des Arts is carrying about 165,000 pounds EXTRA due to the added lock weight.  Structural issues have arisen over the years including a piece of railing breaking off due to the weight stress.
As a result, starting today through June 7th, the city will be dismantling all of the locks completely with places of removing the metal grills and replacing them with padlock-proof plexi glass walls.  This will ends the bridge's romantic tradition forever.  *sigh.
Change is always inevitable...

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