Monday, June 15, 2015

1800 Tequila Keith Haring Bottle Series ...

”Each year, world-renowned artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gary Baseman and Keith Haring have their work emblazoned on our tequila bottle. These limited-run bottles, filled with 1800® Silver Tequila, become instant collectors’ items.” – 1800.

Last year close to around this time, I posted the Jean-Michel Basquiat limited edition bottle series.  In this year's Essential Artists installment, we have Keith Haring.  With this partnership, we are presented with 6 different bottles donned in Haring's social and political artwork.  This is the 7th installment of the entire series so far.  To check out previous series', click here.  
If you're already aware of the series, here's another selection to choose from to add to your collection.

s.o. to 1800Tequila

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