Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: DC Funk Parade (U Street Music Festival) 2015

Last month, I attended the DC Funk Parade Festival on U Street.  I was excited to see all it had to offer- food, art, culture, music, vendors, people etc.  While I was waiting for my cousin to arrive, I stood on the side and watched this band from Baltimore. I couldn't capture them... so I decided to capture the crowd.  I wish I arrived early enough to hear their name.  They were pretty good.  

He finally got there.  And off we went.. walking the streets to the main stage so I could see JYB (Junkyard Band - a GoGo band- for all the non Washingtonians).
After speaking to the cops and seeping through a back gate (don't ask).. here we were.  Vendors after vendors after vendors of any and everything. 


clever name ;)

I took a photo with him.  I had an idea in mind... he had one totally different... which is why the photo isn't posted lol.. well at least not on here it isn't

My cousin knew homegirl and introduced me to her.  Her name is Emma.  This is her baked good stand.  She was so nice.

The A/V crew

Live art performance.  I wish I would've captured it on video.  It was something to see...
Now for the main event.  Junk hit the stage.  They performed all the hits.. and most of my faves.  I was too hyped :-D (as you'll see from one of the vids)

In between songs.  I liked their kicks.

Spotted this en route while walking the parade

We stopped at this place...

I tried this... amongst other multiple drinks...

No more photos were taken after lol.  This night was super random all over the place.  You had to be there.  Talk about FUN times. 

On a more serious note the bass player of Junkyard was killed the next day in an auto crash (which explains my delay in post).  The vids you see above was his last performance.  It's heavy to even type.  Life is so precious man.  
R.I.P. Derek Colquitt.

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  1. These videos just brought tears 2 my eyes. I’m missing home 😩😩😩 JY y’all did y’all thang!!! SHAKE DESE MOFO PA’s DOWN!!!!!