Tuesday, June 6, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Roots Picnic 2023- Day 1

Oh my.  What a TIME.  I truly don't know where to start.  The Roots held their 15th Picnic music festival in Philadelphia, PA this month.  When the lineup was announced and I read "State Property Reunion", I was absolutely sold.  The group chat can vouch.  I had to be there.  Initially when I got my tickets the moment they went on sale in February, this was a dolo mission.  My homegirl hit me days before and said she wants to come.  Say less.  

I've captured some great photos and videos through my own lens.  My people are just beautiful and amazing man.  If you happen to see anyone you know, tag them in the comments or send them the link!  

Take a walk with me through Day 1...

Whew, this line to get in was nuts.  We finagled though.

Tina of Mary Mary.

Erica of Mary Mary.


Digable planets.


State Prop!!



Ron Isley.


Can't you tell that I'm happy?  lol


courtesy of Crave It.  Not a crumb left.

Lauryn Hill.

Nah, it got OD cold once night hit.  I'm talking 50s and breezy.  Mind you its June.  

A Success!

Now for the videos...

Disclaimer: In some of these videos (for some reason) my voice louder in it singing and/or rapping along than it is in others.  Unsure why.  Nevertheless, I was overwhelmed to see State Property on stage together.  Everyone looked good, had stage presence.  No one was in jail and praise God, all are still living.  To be able to witness a culture that I was so engrossed in in my teens, as an adult, was beyond amazing.  

A few artists are missing from the compilation video below, due to not being able to be at two stages at once.  S.o. to Symba, Rare Essense, and Syd.  There aren't many vids of Glorilla featured, as I saw her in February and made a compilation of her concert HERE.  
We both have seen Lauryn Hill live and made a collective decision to head out a little before her set ended to beat traffic.  We left RIGHT before she brought out the Fugees!  smh BUT we were already committed to the hike so that's that. 

Hope you all enjoyed!  Stay tuned for the Day 2 post coming soon!



  1. Thank you for the recap!! I love the photos and videos you have during the festival. Felt like I was having a conversation with you while reading. 💯