Thursday, March 23, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS:: "Anyways, Life's Great" GloRilla DC Concert

As much as I played this and the Set the Tone EP(s), it was inevitable that I was going to this show.  GloRilla was on a sold out U.S. Tour with a DC stop along the way.  She brought the gang with her... Aleza, K Carbon, Slimearoni, and Gloss Up as opening acts.  Unfortunately with this show, K Carbon did not come out.  I, personally, was disappointed because I reallllly wanted to experience Set the Tone live, BUT... I just charged it to maybe she didn't feel well.  We're human.  It happens.  The show was still super LIT and I enjoyed myself.  Walk with me...

Fit check before heading out.


Wasn't too keen on the name, but it was pretty good.  I had two. 

Right behind the A/V.  Perfect view.

Aleza came out first!

A reminder.

Slimeroni was up next!

Gloss Up came out before GloRilla.  I was impressed with her stage presence.  She was a natural.


Knowing how short I am, I should've stayed on the elevated part behind the A/V as I was.  I ran into some people I know and against my better judgment (lol), went down and stood smack dab in the crowd.

Surprise surprise.  Moneybagg came out!

They did their song, "On Wat U On".

...and he gifted her a chain after.

Unsure which song I was rapping here lol

She ended the show with a crowd surf.  

Stained glass.  

To feel the full experience of the concert though, watch my compilation video below.

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