Sunday, September 18, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS:: NY State of Mind Concert- Wu-Tang x Nas x Busta Rhymes

Nothing's equivalent...
These tickets were purchased in April.  The day finally arrived: 09/16/2022.  The NY State of Mind Tour made its way to Bristow, VA @ Jiffy Lube Live.  Hype is an understatement.  Stoked is appropriate.  So yea, let's get into it...

Traveling somewhere an hour away during rush hour traffic (on a Friday) turned it into 2 hours away.

a reminder.

We here!  About 90% of the attendees pre-gamed in the parking lot prior to.  We're not excluded.  I'll circle back around to that later...


You see it.

Every time I attend a concert or show, I wonder... when TF did this become the new norm for drink prices.  

More merch.

In the sauce line.  Chicken Tenders x Fries x Liquid Death mountain water.  Normally, I can be superstitious and wouldn't dare drink something called that.  Howwwever, that was the only water served in the venue and Lawd knows with the way I pregamed in the lot... it was NECESSARY.

made 'em jump like Rod Strickland.
Not his jersey, but the original Wiz joint and a pertinent quote for this post.  
Let's continue...

Left for Steps. Right for the Hill.  My brother suggested the steps.  My cousin suggested the hill.  Guess which one we ended up on?  smh

I love me a 'lawn' seating option.  Space to set up shop in your own area.  We chose the tip top of the hill.

Clearly, we were all hungry...

Bright and early.  DJ Scratch came out not too long after.

Got another for good measure.

Peace God.

It's filling up now.  Almost show time.


They did 'For Heaven's Sake' off the earlyyy.  The second song of the set.  I was NOT ready.  REACTING, ok!?   It's my favorite RZA beat and top 3 song by them.  I can't explain how I felt to hear it live.
My rap style swing like Willie Mays

It's Wu Muthafxcka!

The concert was set up as Wu a few songs, Nas a few songs, Busta's guest set, and then back to Wu and Nas. 

First it was Nasty...

Nas showed THEE fxck off, you hear me?  His set list throughout was incredible.  I hoped he would perform 'Take it In Blood', but didn't expect it.  My hopes came true!  'Undying Love' followed and thennnn 'Theif's Theme'.  Yea, my voice was bout goin hoarse by this time.  I'm, also, here to tell you that the man ain't missed a beat with his stage presence.  He still got it.  

This was a very special moment in the show and you'll see why at the end of this post.  You talking about performance breath control!?  Busta is top tier.  

The energy he and Spliff bring STILL in 2022 is the bar.

I've entered debates where I've said that Deck had the best verse on 'C.R.E.A.M'.  Can't even front.  Rapping along watching this live, hit different.  Filled with emotion.
Survival got me buggin.  But I'm alive on arrival

it could all be so simple...

A Hoyas Outfit w/ the Iverson jersey.  I don't think ya'll understand...

... so here's a picture from Nas' IG so you can see clearly.  FRESH.

The Scarface 'blimp' across the stage was a nice touch.  Captured you just how it did Tony.
Whose world is this?

'Hate Me Now' was performed somewhere in between.  My heart.  I tend to rap that with such passion as if I wrote it.  It's beyond zee physical.

YDB (Young Dirty Bastard), ODB's son, came out and rapped his father's verses.  Chills most times because not only does he look like him, he SOUNDS like him.  The mannerisms?  Down p a c t.

Crowd participation.

Circling back to the pregame mention earlier.  Understand me when I say... the Basil Hayden ain't no hoe!

Rest in peace to Ms. Gladys like ery'day. 
Miss you grams.

The let out.  

Cousins x Siblings who BREATHE Hip-Hop.

Now for the outro.
The show ended with 'Triumph' followed by 'One Mic'.  
This is crazy, I'm on the right track, I'm finally found...
There is absolutely no footage of that duo ending from either of us because we tend to rap every single lyric as if our life depended on it.  Again, *Fat Joe voice... I CANNOT control the passion!  This is the second time we 'karaoked' Triumph in FULL in public.  I know a video will surface one day.  Speaking of videos...

I am happy to share that I compiled footage I captured during the show into a video recap.  I haven't added a video to one of my personal posts since 2015.  Tapping back into my video editing, I am overly pleased with how it turned out.  Enjoy!

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