Thursday, September 1, 2022

Kevin Hart x The Children's Place Open 1st Community Learning Center in Harlem, NY

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Kevin Hart partnered with The Children's Place on their 2022 Back-To-School campaign initiative to revitalize 10 public spaces in underfunded communities into learning centers across the U.S.  
At the end of this past July, Hart and The Children's place opened the 1st learning space at a community center in East Harlem, NY via the Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center.

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Books, School Supplies, and other products were also donated to children in need.  Hart, who is a father of 4, acknowledges first hand that he sees the challenges children face...especially during a pandemic.  Now that the world is opening up slowly but surely, Hart expresses that the center will serve as a safe place for children to create, to be active, and to dream.

 I believe it's encouraging for children to have essential places like this in their community and important to have a celebrity face that they recognize and look up to, to support learning in a fun way that they can comprehend.  At such an important time of their development, access to education and materials can unlock an impactful level in their mind that can help shape their future.  

Kevin Hart is everywhere!  From TV shows, Movies, currently on Tour, Podcasts, and more.  When does the man ever sleep!  His "Hart House" restaurant chain officially opened in August.  He, also, has an upcoming mental health self-help audiobook, Monsters and How to Tame Them: Taking Charge of the Voices in Your Head, slated to release this month.  

9 more learning centers are set to open this fall.  Watch the press release for this locations' opening ceremony below:

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