Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Megan Thee Stallion launches Online Mental Health Center: Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too.

 Yes, we do.  
The misconception that everything is always together at all times simply from how you present yourself needs to be debunked.  Many are battling things internally and fighting alone.  Meg, one who faces criticism daily courtesy of her celebrity status, can attest to that and has often shared when things become too much.  

Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too is an online mental health haven of therapy platforms and mental health resources (i.e. suicide,
crisis, substance abuse etc).  It, also, has specific directories for Black Women, Men, LGBTQIA, and more.  Thank you Megan for being vulnerable and using your status to help those in need.  This may save a life.  Check out the site HERE.
"Bounce back like bad bitches always do."

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