Tuesday, September 27, 2022

"The Love Fridge" is Supporting Chicago Communities with Food through Solar Energy

I was first introduced to community fridges while researching aid for those affected by the Texas Winter storm last year.  I am truly amazed at the things humanity comes up with when it's time to pull together.  If you aren't familiar, community fridges are just that.  Refrigerators operating in public spaces that provide free food in the community. 

"Take What You Need, Leave What You Can" 

There are currently 24 Love Fridges across Chicago.  Earlier this month, their first ever solar powered community fridge was opened in the Englewood community.  

This specific fridge is located next to a vegetable garden, helping to keep the fridge stocked with fresh veggies in addition to the foods donated.

We are powered by kindness, generosity, love, and the belief that being able to feed yourself is a right, not a privilege."

More spotlights on news like this please.  Salute.  To get involved or find out more information about the Love Fridge, click Here or follow @TheLoveFridge

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