Thursday, September 29, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: London, United Kingdom (Part. II)

Who killin em in the U. K?- K. West
Ahh London.  My unrequited love.  
I presented part I last month.  As promised, here's part II...

don't settle.

We stopped by a cute spot, EL&N Cafe, before starting our day. 

care for a spot of tea, mate?

This is their ginger lemon health shot.  A beverage that will definitely bite you back.  
fun fact: I have made a ginger shot every morning since returning to the States, courtesy of this one experience. The way this nursed my immune was unmatched.  

Dutch Baby Pancakes- Dutch skillet pancake, mascarpone cream, berries, maple syrup.

better already.

You see that right.  BMW police cars.

thee infamous... Big Ben.


We were in the middle of cracking up about something, who knows with us... we're always laughing lol, when a fellow came up asking could she be in an IG 'ad' for his business.  Something similar happened to us in Dallas when a girl approached asking to take a photo of her for her fashion class.  Back to this day... he was a chiropractor.  Dr. Ryan Gleeson to be exact; @dr_ryangleeson.  Very very cool.  She agreed.  

I peeped his photographer's tattoo.  Fly shit there.  Daily reminder.

lights, camera... ACTION!

 Hopped on the city cruise for a while.  This photo and the next strikingly resembled "home". 
sidebar: this man was by far the best cruise director/entertainer.  COMEDY. 

Cleopatra's needle.

I was so excited to see the Tower Bridge up close. 


igloo dining

seeing the bridge wasn't enough.  I needed to walk it, also lol.

fully committed to the tube life.

Lamb chops. Potato "salad" and some other stuff going on.  I'm not quite sure of the menu exacts, but it was amazing.  Plate scraped.

As we were leaving...I saw a Japanese spot across the street that I just HAD to try.... although we just ate.  I tried a Japanese liquor, whose name I can't remember at this moment. 

Edamame. Shrimp tempura. Udon (before mixing in the sauce). Mmhmm.  Ate all that too.

If you thought the BMW police cars were something, imagine the double take for the Mercedes Benz garbage trucks.

do you?

the dancing transformer.

We went to Saint Aymes.  Owned by Two Black Women: Lois and Michela Wilson.

Here's one of the owners.  She was so nice to us.  The service was great.  Check em out: @SaintAymes

Zoom in.

oh nothing, just dancing around lol

There were some of the best messages posted everywhere we went throughout London.

Until next time.  XOXO. 

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