Wednesday, September 7, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: The Velvet Rope Experience Aaliyah Themed Arts Showcase

*cues We Need a Resolution.
Am I supposed to change?  Are you supposed to change?

On August 26th, the following day of the 21st anniversary of her death, The Velvet Rope Experience held an Arts Showcase celebrating the life and legacy of Aaliyah.  Vendors, Live Art, Aaliyah spun tunes, and so much more filled the Creative Saints loft that evening; including Shari's InspireTheTribe.  The turn out was fantastic.  The vibe? Hot Like Fire.  
It was truly an experience.  In between working (i'll get to that), I was able to capture the moments through photos.  Take a glimpse...

via @photo_sensai

@Victoria Mitchell.  IG: @Vic.Visionn.  She was sweet.  Check her out.

them too :) 


Aaliyah tunes courtesy of @djtrav313

via @photo_sensai

via @photo_sensai 

ok... back to the 'working' comment I made.  I help a sista out.  Not only with moral support, but chatting with the people... making plays and making sales.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Bag it up.    

Contest for the best Aaliyah inspired outfit.  Can you guess who won?

The Grater Cater Fish and Chicken Food Truck. @the_grater_cater  

Fun fact:  I don't like fish.  The truck had so many orders, they ran out of wings.  To compensate, he threw some fried fish into my order.  I have no idea what he sprinkled on this, but life was changed.  This fish was sooooooo good.  

via @photo_sensai

heyyyy sorors

At your best, you are loved.

Editors note:  Shoe palace, also, released a capsule around her anniversary that's pretty dope.  Check it out here.

#VREaaliyah #VREartsshowcase 

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