Sunday, September 18, 2022

A $5 Billion Moon shaped Luxury Resort is coming to Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has surged tremendously in tourism over the last few years.  The city is known for its modern architecture, shopping, and appealing glamour.  Can we get much higher?  The answer is yes.  It was recently announced that a luxury hotel resort in the shape of a full moon, 735 feet tall, will make its landing in Dubai.  The hotel is said to feature: 300 private residential 'Sky Villa' units, private club room, night club, spa, 'moon shuttle', event center and other attractions.  

Those involved in the project assure that it will be an interstellar and immersive experience for all guests.  The decor is said to include lunar-themed flooring to create a "walking on the moon" feel. Designed by Canadian architectures, Moon World Resorts Inc., the project is set to be complete in 2 years.  Check out @moonresortsinc on IG for more info.  This sounds for certain sounds like a sight to see.  I suspect the final product will be out of this world.  No pun intended.

s.o. to MyModernMet

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