Saturday, May 14, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Spence v Ugas fight x XOXO Brunch


Easter weekend, I finally got to see my boy Errol Spence fight live in person.  My excitement leading up to this moment was through the roof.  My best friend accompanied with no questions asked.  Here's how the weekend went....

their food was unexpectedly GOOD.

full AND tired.  

I literally put Martin on anywhere I go.  Do you know which episode this is?

The day has arrived.  Quick trip to the mall and to get more eats.


back in bed lol.

Fight Night!

more food in the suite.

my brother has been a diehard Dallas fan my entire life, BUT unfortunately has never been to a game yet.  I walked around the stadium to snap some photos for him.  It seemed like a good idea until my feet reminded me how large the stadium is.  Chile.

THEE main event.

when it's all said and done, Spence cleared that boy out.  "And STILL". 

lookup Tiffy.  say cheese.

The last day of our trip fell on Easter.  Take a knee and thank the man.
Brunch it is!  

you already.

a quick trip to the park to chill and grab more eats from the food trucks.  after eating, we were hipped to a rooftop nearby... 

it magically got significantly hotter.  jacket ditched.

"you know me from where?  elementary school!?"


wine and champagne finally hit.

back to Martin.

Till next time... 

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