Wednesday, April 13, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Cafe Tingz x Nardo Wick DC Show

We had one Saturday of warm weather.. and out we went. Actually it wasn't warm warm, but sunny and warmer than usual .  We make it a point to have a girls day/night at least once a month.  March ended with a bang.  Brunch outdoors at a cafe, ran past 'The Flowers', ate ice cream on the museum stoop while ppl watching, and then headed over to the 'secret' bar.  

This month, Nardo's show kicked off the shenanigans.  

Check out the excursion for both below:

She ordered a burger and fries.  I had a cinnabun, eggs with quinoa, kale, bacon jam, toast, and avocado.  I know how it sounds, but trust me... it. was. SLAMMIN.

found an ice cream truck along the way

This is how happy they have ppl look on commercials while reading off the side effects


 We like to call this the 'secret' bar.  It's not found on the street and not well known.  No windows and ceiling mirrors.  While it appears light and bright in there from these photos, it is VERY dim.  Eyes Wide Shut vibes for sure.  

she ordered the Project Apollo- Moonrock Gin, Hendrick's Gin, fizzed with ironwort, sour pineapple & raspberry dust. 

after leaving, we stopped at ShakeShack to end the evening.


...and here we are a couple weeks later.  Nardo Wick concert.  DC was the first show to kick off the tour.  His project made my top albums of 2021 list.  I've played it so much and am a sucker for live music sooooo..... tickets copped.  There we were.  

Drinks and food at the bar first.  Upon walk in, I heard Westside Gunn x Michael Irvin playing.. i KNEW.  This is where we needed to be.  They played Free Kutter at the bar!  
A little more Gunn, some Wu, and even OF's Sam is Dead.  My ears were overly pleased.

Not gon hold you.  The pizza was mid.  I ate it tho.


One man army, Ason.

shenanigan city.

Never in the middle of the crowd.  I enjoy playing the back close to the exit.  More space to get my issue.

I love Faye.


i can't tell you wtf was THAT funny... but something was certainly... funny AF.

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  1. I love these monthly recaps. You sum them up so eloquently that you CANT TELL ME I wasn’t there with y’all. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your amazing adventures