Wednesday, April 13, 2022

{Watch}:: 'Still Rolling Papers', the Official Wiz Khalifa Documentary

Used to not be allowed in the building, but now we on the rooftop..

Last Week, HipHopDX presented Wiz Khalifa's official documentary, 'Still Rolling Papers'; executive produced by Wiz himself.  From being a hometown hero to a worldwide mega star, this 30-minute chronicle is a mixture with past and present footage of Wiz' journey through the rap game.  Watch the documentary in full after the jump!

Editors note:  I am so glad I was able to experience the Kush and OJ tour in 2010 at Baltimore Rams Head  and the Rolling Papers tour in 2011 at Merriweather.   WHAT. A. FXCKING. TIME.  You just don't get music like that anymore.  Before fully converting over to commercial, that Wiz was golden.  Very proud of his success though.  I am, also, glad that Curren$y was mentioned and included in this documentary because he played a PIVOTAL role in Wiz career addition to the elite music they made together.  I love how they are still brothers.
 RIP Mac. 


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  1. Did I read that correctly, 30 minutes!??!? I will comment more once I watch it but I don’t know how you could possibly touch on his career in just 30 minutes.