Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Watch} :: 'Long Live the Pimp' - A Documentary on the Life of Pimp C

4 weeks away from like fxck this we got a record deal...
Bun B, Nas, Michael "5000" Watts, DJ Paul, David Banner and so on and so on all come together for this semi-brief documentary, curated by Complex and Mass Appeal ,to talk about Chad Butler aka Pimp C; in many different ways and the impact he had on hip-hop and others. There were even some interesting stories told. For example, Pimp C didn’t want to do Big Pimpin.. that’s why he had the shortest verse. He didn’t want people to think he was riding Jay-Z cause of how hot he was at the time or get that wrong idea.  C wanted to make it clear that Jay reached out to them (UGK). On top of that, He didn’t even like that ‘garbage can a—muthafxckin’ beat’.
David Banner wrote him in jail often.. and taught him how to play the drum machine.  There were more untold stories of behind the scene throughout from all who contributed.  I must comment that Bun B's mini speech at the end is too trill. #NoPunIntended.
 Long live the Pimp. Watch below::

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