Monday, April 11, 2016

Stream :: Jerreau of Fly Union releases his solo project ... "Never How You Plan"

Jerreau is still as real as it gets.  With majority of his rhymes, the conscious is provoked... feels can be caught... and the undeniable word play will have you reacting quickly once or if you catch it.  He's been laying low (unless you follow him on IG) since he moved from his home, Ohio, and headed to LA.  In between that time, while fans have been waiting for the music, many things have happened in his life.  Bankroll Reau gets raw.. and by that I mean honest.  Honesty unconcealed...  

"'Never How You Plan' is a collection of real life experiences and emotions.  I like to say, I make music you live with.  Drive to it, run to it, clean to it.  ...Everything's not black and white, there's a lot of grey area; metaphors and double meanings.  I just hope the music speaks to you"- Jerreau to Complex.

Indeed it does.  Stream below and be sure to support and grab a copy on iTunes here.

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