Saturday, May 14, 2022

WNBA Legend, Lisa Leslie, launches Luxury Real Estate firm...Aston Rose

"By Pros for Pros."
Lisa Leslie... Four time Olympic Gold Medalist.  Two time WNBA champion.  Author.  Coach.  
With 5 years of real estate under her belt, the Hall of Famer added another accomplishment by launching her own real estate firm...Aston Rose.  Aston Rose is a luxury real estate firm specializing in finding properties for high net worth individuals, including but not limited to athletes and celebrities.  Hailing in the California and Florida market, so far, the firm has closed more than $500 million property transactions combined.  

We understand that many African American and minority athletes are making money for the first time. Unfortunately, so many of those athletes fall into the trap of it being about things that don't appreciate in value for them; our firm is changing that- Leslie.
In addition to Leslie, there are three others that comprise the co-founders team.  Tomi Rose: former professional cheerleader x 20 years of real estate experience, along with Rob Hite and Rod Watson: former basketball players x over 15 years of real estate experience combined.  Hite is credited as being a key component in bringing the Aston Rose founders together and also as a facilitator of notable real estate sales in South Florida (i.e. David and Victoria Beckham's penthouse).  

The firm is tapping into expansion from coast to coast joining with exclusive side partners.  To find out more about Aston Rose, click here.

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