Monday, March 27, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS/VIDEOS:: Young Dolph "Dolphland" Pop-Up Museum

The realist advice I can give you is to never stop...

Dolph's Paper Route Empire Label partnered with Trap Music Museum to launch the national Dolphland Pop-Up Museum tour.  The tour has been across the U.S. over the last couple of months and will conclude in Dolph's hometown of Memphis, TN in May.  He's one of the few celebrities whose death I'm still affected by and anticipated heavy emotions going to this, but knew it was something I could not miss.  My brother, another fellow Dolph fan, accompanied me to this one.   Countless of patrons have showed up and showed love.  You could literally feel the love in the atmosphere.   Rightfully so, only Dolph records were playing throughout.  Special shout out to ALL of the artists who contributed their pieces to make this happen!!  
Here's how it went through my lens.  

You know what up... It's DOLPH!

A little frosty out.

zoom in.

Left him a message.

Brodie did too.

This may have been my favorite piece through the entire museum.

Rule #1.  Get the money first.

Rule #2.  Don't forget to get the money.


Projector room showing random Dolph clips.

:( :( :(

Copped a poster.  

thank God for wine. lol

Cigar break.

While emotions were heavy, It was a great time and tribute to Dolph's legacy.  
Here's video footage, also:  

I remember when all of this shit was just a dream.  

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  1. That looks like a dope ass exhibit. Shout out to the photographer that shot ur candids