Thursday, March 23, 2023

Rapper Ludacris and his Daughter Launch a Satin Bonnet Collection for Girls

If you aren't familiar, Ludacris' Karma's World Entertainment company premiered their animated Netflix show, Karma's World, in 2021.  In real life, Karma is his oldest daughter.  The show, however, centers a character named Karma who juggles rap dreams and ambitions.  Fast forward to 2023.  Firstline Brands has partnered with his entertainment company to launch a Karma's World Satin Sleep Collection.  

The collection will fall under its Camryn's BFF brand geared towards girls and tweens, and includes a range from satin bonnets to matching pillowcases.  

 “What I love about this partnership is the opportunity to combine our expertise in developing elevated haircare accessories and tools with Karma’s lovable and confident personality. Positive, colorful, bold, and beautiful like Karma, the assortment educates girls and tweens about healthy haircare practices that are incredibly important as they come of age.
Joni A. Odum, President and CEO of Firstline Brands.

Available now on Amazon!

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