Monday, March 27, 2023

For the People: TELFAR is letting the Customer Pick the Price

Telfar has skyrocketed since its launch back in 2005.  Creating a lane of its own in fashion, style, and culture, the brand is now executing a unique sale for its latest collection.  Telfar Live hit the market at Noon EST today.  You read that correctly.  LIVE.

The collection dropped at a wholesale price, starting more than 50% off.  Each passing second, the price of the product goes up until it reaches full price.  Whatever price the product sells out at, then, becomes the price indefinitely (of course with fine print).  With that being said, the quicker you act on the purchase, the lower the price you pay.

"Telfar Live disrupts existing notions of supply and demand, scarcity and value perception — proposing a new mathematics for Black cultural innovation: Cool people ≠ rich people — therefore — cool clothes ≠ expensive clothes."

Nearly all of the items today have already sold out.  However, keep checking back HERE.  New items will be posted for Live every week from now through April 24, 2023. 

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