Wednesday, March 29, 2023

{Personal Post} PHOTOS: A Ma Maniére NIKE Air Max Day

A Ma Maniére (meaning My Way in French) is a luxury apparel brand inspired by Parisian culture and fashion.  With store front locations in Washington DC, Atlanta, GA, and Houston, TX, their retail experience offers a trendy designed boutique housing new styles and threads from some of the hottest luxury streetwear and footwear brands.  The DC location held an event on 3.26 to celebrate Air Max Day and the return of the 86' Air Max 1.  It featured a handpicked Air Max exhibition curated by sneaker collectors Abdul (@dontchargeabdul) and Kevin (@kevykev), along with spins from DJ Jerome Baker (@jeromebaker3rd), DC's 'Sandlot' mocktails, and more.   A good time!  Check the vibes...

I ended up chatting and hanging with some nice folks. Corey and Re 

I met their friend CJ Mac, also.  We all clicked instantly.  


If you're ever looking for me at an event, I'm never too far from the food...

...or the DJ.  Which by the way, DJ Jerome Baker was FLAMES.  
Transitions, song selections, all that.

They held a ticket raffle.  I won :D

Re won too!  Luck was on our side 

Cool kids.

Eeny, Meny, Miny, Moe.

Huge shoutout to Grace for telling me about this and all involved, including A Ma Maniére for hosting such a dope event!  If you're ever in DC, check them out:  1214 H St. NE, Washington, dc 20002.  

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  1. Are u sure u weren’t a photographer in your former life? I was first introduced to Jerome Baker on twitch during the pandemic. I already know he complimented the event quite well. Another dope piece for the culture.