Wednesday, September 22, 2021

{Personal Post} Photos:: #SpiritedSoleGarden presented by Charismatic Creations

I said I was going to get back into doing these type posts more often like I used to.  I'm making efforts to stick to that.  Sunday, Charismatic Creations (@CharismaticCreations) held a super dope and sophisticated event, curated into an oasis for us sneaker lovers and wearers and cocktail enthusiasts.  S.o. to Spritz by Serenata.  Each cocktail was crafted with ingredients from local Black and Brown Farmers.   Adding a cherry on top, 30% of the proceeds are to be used to purchase/donate new shoes to local organizations (DC) for those in need!  I knew upon walking up and hearing "My World" by Kid Cudi via DJ Nah Fr blaring... that it was going to be most certainly my type of vibe.   And THAT it was.  

this is DJ Nah Fr.  When I tell you she was friendly and had the place jumpin!?  and not with your 'typical' party tunes either.  I admit I reacted (rightfully so) to "It's Ok" by Slimm Calhoun and "25 Lighters" by. DJ DMD/Lil Keke/Fat Pat.  Also, if you need confirmation on Baby Keem's album, you need to hear its cuts in an outdoor setting like this.  Flames.  

the wind was not trying to let my pineapple be great.

The curator.  Chrissy @CharismaticCreations

I had a shot of this.  It GETS. The. Job. DONE.

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