Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How You Can Still Help Those in Need affected by Hurricane Ida

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It has been about two weeks since Hurricane Ida destructively hit Louisiana and many of its parishes.  As you may know from previous posts regarding this matter, Louisiana holds a dear place in my heart.  Our people still need aid and here's how you can lend a hand.  The direct sites are hyperlinked to each one:

Second Harvest Food Bank- serving South Louisiana food boxes that contain items like nutritional drinks and bars, as well as bottled waters.  Cooking equipment can, also, be delivered to heat prepared meals.  Volunteers and donations (i.e. cleaning supplies, money, etc) are welcome.

Culture Aid NOLA- currently has a cooking hub at the Howlin' Wolf nightclub located in New Orleans.  Meals provided by thawing food from the freezers of restaurants with power outages are distributed to people in need.  Volunteers, trucks, and takeaway container donations are welcome.  

St. Bernard Project (SBP)- created by a couple in the St. Bernard parish who were frustrated with the slow response of aid after Hurricane Katrina.  SBP restores damaged homes, business, and supports recovery policies.  They currently need donations to pay for home rebuilding and protective equipment for its team.  

Rebuilding Together New Orleans- provides volunteer labor to repair homes.  Donations are welcomed to help achieve that mission.  A hotline number is, also, available: 844-965-1386

If you know of any others, please comment them below or provide them to anyone you know who can pass it on.  

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