Friday, February 17, 2023

Why the MSCHF Big Red Boots are Becoming a Trend

Over the last two weeks, these big red boots appeared on the internet and never disappeared.  With Twitter, every other tweet was either an ad for the boots, a photo, or an opinion.  Hate em or love em, everyone was talking about them in one way or another.

MSCHF is a New York based collective found in 2016.  There is no limit to what they 'create' and many of their 'creations' have immediately gone viral.  For example, in 2019, without NIKE's blessing... MSCHF released a pair of Nike Air Max 97s (where the soles were said to contain holy water from the Jordan River) called "Jesus Shoes."  They were sold for over $1400 and have since doubled plus on the resale price. 

Back to the Big Red Boots though...

 Initially, they were not on sale therefore becoming an 'exclusive' item to have.  I handpicked these photos of celebs and model/influencers who I felt successfully turned the 'astro boy' alike boot into a fashion statement.  Below and above (in order): Coi Leray, Lil Wayne, Gramps (grandfather of Jaadiee), Wisdom Kaye, Janelle Monae, Emily B, and Rich the Kid.

In addition to cartoon type threads, Loewe debuted their pixelated hoody on the runway last October for their Spring/Summer 23 season.  Yes... what you see below is not AI.  It is an actual hoody, which by the way Taylor Russell is serving.

Could this aesthetic become more and more popular?  
MSCHF Big Red Boots released yesterday for $350 and resellers have already marked them up to over $1,000 on various sites.  Only time will tell the fate of the hype for these boots as they are now available to the public.  Whichever way it goes, applause to MSCHF.  The marketing was impeccable.

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