Monday, February 13, 2023

Date Night for Two: McDonald's Offers a Special "Cardi B & Offset" Valentine's Day Meal

Whether it’s going for a date night or grabbing a bite after late-night studio sessions … I’m always asking Offset to take me to McDonald’s.  And now, Offset and I have a meal named after us! I want all my fans to try it – especially with that BBQ sauce.
-Cardi B

Dinner doesn't have to be fancy on every occasion.  Sometimes, McDonald's will do the trick.  Releasing tomorrow for Valentine's Day, McDonald's has announced "The Cardi B & Offset Meal" which is comprised of the celebrity couple's favorite menu items.  

Available for a limited time, the meal for two features:
-Cheeseburger w/ Barbecue sauce and Large Coke (Cardi B)
-Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Offset)
-Large Fry and Apple Pie.  

"The Cardi B & Offset Meal" will be available at participating McDonald's across the U.S; suggested price varies on location.    

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  1. I haven’t had the gas station since I was 8 years old