Thursday, December 29, 2022

{Watch} Late Night Munchies : South Central LA w/ Trap Kitchen

VICE follows the successful Compton pioneered Culinary brand, Trap Kitchen, on a cultural food tour through South Central neighborhoods.  On this episode of MUNCHIES, Chef Spank and Chef News bring their fun energy to showcase four black-owned restaurants and all that they have to offer.  Just a heads up: do NOT watch this if you are hungry. lol.  I'd just finish eating before watching and now I'm ready to eat again.   

Food Stops:
Taco Pete (Crenshaw)
Little Kingston (Crenshaw)
1010 Wine Bar (Inglewood)
The Court Cafe (Ladera Heights)

Watch the full episode after the jump!

If you haven't heard of Trap Kitchen before, read up on their back story.  Proud of these brothas!

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