Thursday, December 29, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Art Basel 2022 Pt. 2 - Jack Honey Art-Beats + Lyrics

Day 2 of our Art Basel adventure.  After dinner in Brickell, we changed and headed out to the first event: Jack Honey Art-Beats + Lyrics.  I was pretty HYPE for this one to say the least.  We'd attended a Jack event years ago and had a ball.  There was another event we had tickets to that took place after that, but I'll get to that later in the post.  
Jack exceeded my expectations with this one!  The atmosphere was absolutely amazing.  The art, the people, the weather, the DJ, the drinks etc.  Everything.  Just overjoyed.  Here's how the night went...

"The Wolf" x Nate Dee

"Ceelo".  "Big Gipp".  both by Carolyn Grady

"NY Eagle" x Nate Dee

"Love, Radio" x Shawn Stewart

"Baldwin" x Kevin A Williams (WAK)

You spin the wheel, you win a prize... which as you see were many forms of Jack Daniels merch.  Hats, keychains, shirts, cups, sunglasses etc.  You were able to get back in line, too, if you didn't get what you wanted.  You'll see this again later in the post... 

"Daily Reminder" x Kevin A Williams (WAK)

"Date Night" x Kevin A Williams (WAK)

Kat Goduco

"Over the Eyes" x O'Neil Scott

(if you know the artist, please comment/tag them)

"Untitled" x Mia Lee

she hooked me up :)

"Bike God" x Jonathan Banks

Ok, back to the "win a prize" table.  I spun the wheel to sunglasses the first time.  boooooo.  Went back later and got the hat I wanted.  and LATER... got the shirt I had my eye on.

"Oshun" x Yung Yemi

(if you know the artist, please comment/tag them)

"Daddy's Here" x Kevin A Williams (WAK)

"A Bite of the Apple" x O'Neil Scott


Back in line.

"Be Pharrell" x Shawn Stewart

the artist, himself!

Mathew Curran


Do the Right Thing.

"No Small Talk Between a Woman and Her Demons" x Mia Lee

Cee Lo was performing "Fool for You".  I was singing Melanie Fiona part with such conviction lol

speaking of Cee Lo... :)

Look what we found.  Grabbed two for the road.

We never made it to the second event because we were having so much fun!  It worked out too as THAT event got shut down due to being over capacity.  Off to another restaurant...

Christmas x Palm Trees

The initial restaurant was randomly closed, so we walked here.  

Shrimp tacos were bussin.

Street Art.

Stay tuned for the final Art Basel 2022 installment post!

Before I go...

"Know Your Worth" x O'Neil Scott.

RIP to Takeoff man.

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