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Our Picks: Top Albums of 2022

Another good year for music!  I always wait until the end of the December for this post because you never know who randomly drop heat this month.  Fresh, Loaf, and I compiled our personal lists of the top albums of 2022.  
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5) Kendrick Lamar - Mr Morale & The Big Steppers

I know this is going to shock a lot of folks especially since so many had this album for album of the year, but IMO the album failed to deliver from the hype it had surrounding it. Kendrick had me amped up when he released The Heart Pt.5, but once the album was released, it took me a while to get into the album. IMO, it's an album you have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. Once I started listening to the album more & more it started growing on me, but again it's one of those you have to be in a certain mood to hear. So, it got played less & less from the other 4 albums. I'm sure later on down the line, my opinion of this album will change. 
Standout Cuts: United In Grief, N95, Father Time, We Cry Together & Crown.

4) Freddie Gibbs - $oul $old $eparately

This was another front runner for hip hop album of the year. The production was A-1 & Gibbs delivered! The skits IMO kinda threw off the feel of the album, which made me wanna skip tracks instead of enjoying it fully. This album could've been higher on my list, but I found myself listening to the other 3 albums more than this one. 
Standout Cuts: Couldn't Be Done, Blackest In The Room, PYS & Grandma's Stove

3) Beyonce' - Renaissance

I know this one is gonna be a shocker for folks, but I'd have to say this is my fav Beyonce album hands down. I know a lot of people weren't fans of the album, but I loved it! The whole vibe & energy of the album was great. Everytime I listen to the album it immediately puts me in a good space. I love how she was able to have the album flow from each song next to next esp tracks 4-9. At 1 point you don't even realize the songs have changed. It was a couple of tracks she could've removed, but still overall I love the energy & theme of the album. 
Standout Cuts: Cuff It, Energy, Church Girl, Virgo's Groove & Summer Renaissance

2) Nas - King's Disease III

Nas & Hit-Boy don't miss!!!! The collaboration between these 2 have just gone up.  When you thought the previous album couldn't get any better, it does each time!  To think a young producer not from Nas era helped him give his career a resurgence is amazing! . This album is the best IMO out of the King's Disease series. It had a close run to being the album of the year, but once you start getting towards the end, it kinda goes down with filler tracks. 
Standout Cuts: Legit, Thun, I'm On Fire, WTF SMH

1) Pusha T - It's Almost Dry

Album of the year hands down!!! To get 2 of the best producers of all time to collab on your album, as well as bringing his brother Malice out of retirement, is unmatched!! If he eliminated 1 track, this album would be a classic masterpiece, but 99% of the album has no skips. The replay value will continue on for years. I'm not sure if Pusha can top this one. Daytona was a close run, but I think this one takes it. 
Standout cuts: Dreaming Of The Past, Neck & Wrist, Diet Coke, Call My Bluff & I Pray For You.

Honorable Mentions

Jeezy - Snofall

Chris Brown- Breezy

JID- The Forever Story

Quavo & Takeoff- Only Built for Infinity Links

Symba- Results Take Time

Lucky Daye- Candydrip



Top 5 Albums.  No specific order.

Ab-Soul - Herbert

The Cool Kids - Before Shit Got Weird

Freddie Gibbs - $oul $old $eparately

Nas - King's Disease III

Pusha T - It's Almost Dry


My list is broken up by genre.  Let's get into the Hip-Hop first...

8.  Boldy James- Mr. Ten08
Two-way. Duece. Siete.
Boldy had another run this year, but this was my favorite out of the four he released.  He and Futurewave cooked.    The Disco Fever production omg.  Something special.  I'm convinced that Boldy can deliver monotone fire over anything.  Concreature music is here to stay.
Faves: Disco Fever, Dormin's, My Double Trigger, Could Be Worse

7.  GloRilla- Anyways, Life's Great...
See me at the top, a hoe can't pay me shit to meet up...
 On gang.  So proud of lil shawty.  How she blew up over night and maintained success at this level was well deserved.  Back to the album.  I love me a good talk shit... real shit... album.  Those who get it, get it.  Let Glo come on at the function, in the car, in the shower.  Rappin word for word. 
Faves: Nut Quick, PHATNALL, Tomorrow 2, Blessed

6.  Ab-Soul- Herbert
My soul had a glow that was blinding them all...
Soulo's 2016 album, Do What Thou Wilt, had got me through some thangs.  I didn't know what to expect with this one since he hadn't released since then.  I must say... astounding off the first listen.  It may have been higher on my list had it came out earlier this year and have marinated.  This is how you return!  I heard a play by play of his severe suicide attempt during one of his interviews, after I'd listen to the album a few times, and it made me value it even more.  dash Soul.  We appreciate you man!
Faves: Go Off, Herbert, Positive Vibes Only, Hollandaise

5.  Armani Caesar- The Liz 2
Fine bitties, all of em 10 of 10 like 9:50...
This was my 'getting ready to go out album' for a lil while.  Rappin in the mirror while doing my hair or make up.  Armani be spittin.  Wanna talk about who I rap way better than? fxck a female, better name nighas.  Exactly.  The Liz 2 is truly a Big Mood.  Pun intended.  
Faves: Mel Gibson, Paula Deen, Ice Age, Diana 

4.  Westside Gunn- 10
I'ont know who did the shit, so I shot both...
This is the only album I listened to at midnight this year.  Yes, normally I'm sleep lol, but if I AM up.. unless it's something I really want to hear... I wait until the morning.  To this day, I legit have the same reaction when I play it.  The sounds of this album paint a picture.  Gunn is great at that.  "10" is great.
Faves: Fly God Jr., Super Kick Party, Science Class, Peppas

3.  Nas- King's Disease III
My comfort give you discomfort...
The day I finally listened to this album, I was blown away.  Nasir Jones breath control and flow is running laps around most of these young rappers.  King's Disease III is fantastic all around.  This would've been higher if he didn't throw that cheap shot at Hov lol, "laughin".
Faves: Michael & Quincy, Reminisce, Thun, Beef

2.  Pusha T-  It's Almost Dry
My joker smile, you know who the villain is...
F all the BS.  Push is in the master class of Hip Hop.  One of those where you can catch something new each time you listen.  Lyrics are crisp and witty.  From the Clipse era to now.  When you don't think there is a higher level to achieve than 'greatness', study Push raps.  He is living proof... there is.  
Faves: Diet Coke, Neck & Wrist, Hear Me Clearly, Just So You Remember

1.  Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers- Kendrick Lamar
I hope you find some peace of mind... in this life time.  
I've been going through something.  Be afraid.
If I could put 85% of the lyrics here as the reason why this is the #1 album for me, I would.  It felt like soul therapy. I grieve different.  Comforting if I'm in a good mood, bad mood, don't matter.  Just thinking about it, I am completely verklempt.  Tryna keep balance, I'm staying strong.  I watched people on Twitter slander this album since its release.  It didn't affect me at all that the people didn't like it.  I KNEW what this album meant to ME.  I, also, realized it wasn't for everybody.  Kenny sheds layers on this body of work that may not resonate with all, but 100% did on my end personally.  All the feelings and thoughts crammed into one.  I hope it's not too late... to set my demons straight.  
I choose me... I'm sorry.
Faves:  United in Grief,  N95, Die Hard, Rich Spirit, Count Me Out, Silent Hill, Savior, Mr. Morale, Mirror. 

switching to R&B...

4.  Phony Ppl- Euphonyus 
Running the tightrope...
Been a fan since 2015 and am happy they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.  Their projects are always solid.  3 for 3.  
Faves:  been away.  dialtone.  what it feels like.  splashin.

3.  SZA- SOS
You ain't gettin ya bitch back...
 An all around very well put together album.  Don't get me started on the lyrics.  Yes. Ma'am.
Faves:  Low, SOS, Nobody Gets Me, Blind

2.  Beyonce- Renaissance
Please, muthafuckas ain't stoppin me.   
 The album is exactly like the cover.  Electric.  No way you can sit still or not sing along.   A definite feel good album.  As someone with a sibling who is a DJ, along with a cousin and friend, I appreciate those flawless transitions to each song throughout it's entirety.  Fxck it up. 
Faves:  Summer Renaissance, Break My Soul, Cozy, Church Girl, Plastic Off the Sofa, I'm That Girl

1.  Lucky Daye- Candydrip (Deluxe)
And it's more than fxckin physical...
Let me start by saying, the amount of times I played "Compassion" this year should be criminal.  Lucky is a top tier crooner and this album is that.  Covers all bases for Rhythm and Blues: the jams, the heartbreak, the love.  I chose the Deluxe instead of the regular because the minimal additions meshed perfectly. 
Faves: Compassion, Used to Be, God Body, Ego, Deserve, Candy Drip, Over

Last but not least... the Honorable Mentions.  
They got significant bump here and deserve recognition too.  
No order.

 Curren$y- The Drive In Theatre Pt. 2

Metro Boomin- Heroes & Villains

Curren$y- Spring Clean 2

Rex Orange County- Who Cares?

We made it ya'll.  Cheers to that anddddd to 2023!

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