Friday, December 30, 2022

Douglas Gordon "Neon Ark" Art Exhibit

"I'm interested in the fine line between my intentions and the perceptions of others; that moment when someone encounters something and realizes that there is more to it than meets the eye."

Scottish Artist, Douglas Gordon, has created a buzz around his latest exhibition "Neon Ark"--dedicated solely to Neon signage.  Starting in the 1990s, Gordon is best known for his interpretations of collective memory and psychological security.  His first neon light installation being in 1998, outside of a Glaswegian pub.  

The Neon Ark installation is held at Gagosian, Davies Street location in London.  Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm.  The installation is on view through January 14, 2023.  However, don't get any NYE ideas.
The gallery is closed through January 2, 2023.  

BUT! you can squeeze in some last minute NYE plans and visit his Piccadilly Circus "if when why what" lights installation on view through December 31, 2022.   Gordon partnered with the Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Art (CIRCA) to display this artwork, celebrating Soho's relationship with the erotic entertainment industry and neighborhood's iconic neon signage. 

For more information on Neon Ark, click here.

To view the if when why what installation, click here.

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