Sunday, December 18, 2022

"The Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy" 400-pound Book is Finally Here

It's WU-TANG FOREVER.  Muthafxcka.   

I initially posted the announcement of this here in March 2021.  You were able to sign up for notifications on updates for the book, which I did.  I checked and checked (even a couple months ago) thinking I missed the email somehow.  Nothing.  To my surprise, while casually checking my email a couple days ago, there it was.  The notification that the book is here!  It launched yesterday @ 3PM EST.  However, due to technical difficulties from the overwhelming response, the pre-orders were paused and will resume on #WuWednesday- Dec, 21, 2022; again @ 3PM EST. 

Let's Dive into the Book Details...
It is confirmed that they stuck with the original plan of 36 copies ONLY; nod to their Library of Congress archived album.... Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.  Strictly limited worldwide.  It is a giant hardback coffee table book encased in a distinctive bronze encrusted, black steel chamber.  

Designed and produced personally with the WuTang Clan, the "Chamber" was crafted with a range of expertise across three continents, spinning, hammering, smelting, and refining.  Each book is printed, bound, and hand-stitched in Italy.  In addition to the fine leather, each copy will be signed, numbered, and issued with a certificate of authenticity.  

There was no word on the pricing, but I figured I'd give it a shot just incase.  It was short lived as I was one of the countless people who received the 'overwhelming' response message, mentioned above, during my attempt.  

 I would like for a museum to get a hold of this so I can spend hours there delving through in its entirety.  Check out the intricate details of the sculpture craftsmanship below:   

ement (left), RZA, Wu Tang Clan (right)

wu-tang_chamber_3-5.mp4 (Original).mp4 from Manny Montanaro on Vimeo.

There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that this remarkable publication will be in a class of its own.  Honoring the one and the only incomparable... WU-TANG CLAN.

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