Saturday, December 31, 2022

{Personal Post} Photos:: 2022 4th Quarter

As we come to a close of 2022, let's rewind through 4th Quarter's notable moments.  From seeing Kevin Hart live to Washington Wizards games to Christmas festivities.  It's all right here.   See it all below!

Actually, a few of these trickled in right before 4th quarter.  i.e. this Kevin Hart show.

the abs was abbin.

Ok, NOW we're back to 4th quarter.

A lil Lasertag and Mini Golf for my birthday before I headed out the country.

Tequila Mami's

Thanksgiving day parade

Helluva game too.  We won in OT

At the christmas tree lighting.  She wouldn't turn around bc the gingerbread kept moving -_-

Christmas festivities!  First stop...

Naughty and Nice shots.  You know which one I had lol

2nd Christmas bar!

3rd Christmas spot! 

the buzz is buzzing at this point.

Over nearly the last 8 years, you will find the homie Brent sprinkled throughout my personal posts.  I always snap a picture of the back of his shirts.  It's tradition at this point lol

Hear me out.  This plate looks like a big ol mess.  It was lamb chops, vegetables, and some type of sauce.  I don't even remember.  I just know it was GOODT and the plate was scraped. 

2022.  Wow.  Well in summary, I traveled a lot this year!  Different states.  Different countries.  It felt liberating to get back to that.  Killing in the gym.  Moms health is getting better.  Unfortunately, with ups there are downs.  I lost another family member during the holidays and others I knew all in the same month.  The holidays are always a rough time for my family, so I put in effort to force Christmas cheer (hence activities above and the art basel posts) even when difficult to do so.  There were most certainly countless wtf moments this year, but also definitive answers and plenty of laughs.  
Woke up this morning.  Found my peace of mind.  And finally, I can say to you, that I...
Feel good this morning...
2023 here we come.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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